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About us

About Us

Fire Protection Specialists
Fire Protection Specialists

About us

Fire Protection Specialist is a web site that provides information in the field of Fire Protection according to NFPA codes and standards.

We started our activity in 2017 on the facebook, and our goal was to illustrate the information from NFPA standards and codes in a simplified method using illustration figures, 3d models and assemblies.

In 2019 we started our website so we can reach more people all over the world and can achieve our goal.

Our vision:

FPS website was established to be a reference for everyone working in the field of Fire Protection.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide every on in the field of Fire Protection with information according to NFPA standards and codes using very simplified method utilizing our experience.

FPS Team:

1- Muhammad Mosad
2- Muhammad Nabil

Fire Protection Specialists
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