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Fire Dept. Connection according to NFPA 14

Fire Department Connection Requirements According to NFPA14

Fire Department connection (FDC) - NFPA 14
Fire Department connection (FDC) - NFPA 14

What is fire department connection?!

According to NFPA 14 - 2019 edition, Fire department connections is a connection through which the fire department can pump the primary water supply to a manual standpipe system or the secondary water supply to an automatic standpipe system at the required system demand. Supplemental water can also be provided into the sprinkler system or other system furnishing water for fire extinguishment to supplement existing water supplies.

Valves for FDC:

  • Isolation valves shall not be permitted.
  • A listed check valve shall be installed in each fire department connection as close as possible to fire department connection inlets, and shall be located in accessible location with automatic drain valve where subject to freezing.

Location of FDC:

  • Visible and recognizable from street or nearest fire department access, or on street side of buildings.
  • Located within 15.2 m of street or nearest fire department access.
  • Not more than 30.5 m from nearest fire hydrant, unless approved by AHJ.

Height of FDC:

Not less than 457 mm or more than 1219 mm above grade.

No. of inlets of FDC:

  • At least two 2½ in. threaded connections.
  • One 2½ in. inlet per every 250 gpm of the system demand, so depending on the size of the system more connections might be required, The required no. of inlets shall be permitted to be provided on multiple fire department connections.

Number of FDCs:

  • One or more for each zone of Class I or III standpipes, unless fire department cannot supply high-zone.
  • Two remotely located fire department connections for each zone in High-rise buildings.

Attachments to FDCs:

Approved plugs or caps, secured, with easy removal by fire department.

Where FDC is attached to system?

On discharge side of fire fighting pump.

For information about requirements for installing fire departments for automatic sprinkler systems according to NFPA 13, please click here.

References of this article:

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