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Sectional Drain & Floor Control Valve Assembly Drain - NFPA 13

 Sectional Drain & Floor Control Valve Assembly Drain

Sectional Drain & Floor Control Valve Assembly Drain

 Sectional Drain & Floor Control Valve Assembly Drain

According to NFPA 13, Provisions shall be made to properly drain all parts of the system.

In this article we will clarify the requirements to drain an interior section of the system or floor control valve.

Another article was published before about "Auxiliary Drain", you can check by clicking on the figure below.

Auxiliary Drain
Auxiliary Drain

And now, let's start our article about "Sectional Drain".

Sectional Drain Sizing.

Where an interior sectional or floor control valve is provided, it shall be provided with a drain connection having a minimum size as shown in Table below, to drain that portion of the system controlled by the sectional valve.

Sectional Drain Sizing
Sectional Drain Sizing

Drain Riser Sizing.

Where drain connections for floor control valves are tied into a common drain riser, the drain riser shall be one pipe size larger downstream of each size drain connection tying into as illustrated in the figure below..

Drain Riser Sizing According to NFPA 13
Drain Riser Sizing According to NFPA 13

General Requirements for Sectional Drain.

Drains shall discharge outside or to a drain connection capable of handling the flow of the drain.

For those drains serving pressure-reducing valves, the drain, drain connection, and all other downstream drain piping shall be sized to permit a flow of at least the greatest system demand supplied by the pressure-reducing valve.

References of the article:

NFPA 13 - 2019 edition (Standard for the installation of Sprinkler System).

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